ONE. Glance of you and all the worlds that held my sanity together turned upside down The Life Manual doesn’t give you instructions on what to do when you fall in love with a girl at 13 So I gave you shy smiles from across the classroom While being mindful to hide my hands when [...]


Saturn’s Favourite Daughter

Born on the soil of the Aquarian's planet, You were space and stars come to life Gravity could never tie your feet to any ground; one home would never be large enough for all your dreams So you allowed yourself to float freely to wherever the universe decided to take you. Beautifully. Recklessly. One warm [...]

Understanding The Concept Of Spirituality and Your Connection To The Universe (PART ONE)

I've always felt strongly that everything that’s been born from the universe is connected in some way or another. The way I see it, there’s really no possible way that we aren’t a part of a bigger network of universal life that keeps us comprehensively linked. Life is basically a variety of different cycles of [...]

Personal Experience: Owning My Individuality

I can't account for all the times I've been told something along the lines of how unique and special I am in my own right, but I know for certain that I've heard it so many times that it has lost its significance throughout the years. Sometimes, no matter how much I'm being applauded for [...]