Weights That Stay

I’ve heard the story a million times History repeats itself in my head every time At the mention of her name A fruity magical creature who never seems to fade into memory fade into past She holds a place so pure in your heart And the ink you chose to write about it with is [...]


I wouldn’t say I want to die per se I’d rather just sleep For a really long time That almost drips into forever But not quite Like falling asleep a caterpillar in this lifetime only to wake up a butterfly in the next I’d wake up just in time to see my wings Full of [...]

Understanding The Concept Of Spirituality and Your Connection To The Universe (PART ONE)

I've always felt strongly that everything that’s been born from the universe is connected in some way or another. The way I see it, there’s really no possible way that we aren’t a part of a bigger network of universal life that keeps us comprehensively linked. Life is basically a variety of different cycles of [...]